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Caragails HPT Contest

Caragails is giving away a set of COPAG cards to HPT members!  Enter the Caragails contest HERE, and don't forget to enter the other HPT contest too.  Remember, all contest are ONLY available for members of Premium Leagues.

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MagicHoldem is a popular online poker odds calculation tool, and Home Poker Tour members get an extended trial period - you can test it out for a total of 250 hands (150 extra)!

MagicHoldem allows you to:

  • See your odds of winning, the same way you see the players’ stats for televised poker tournaments.
  • See the probability that your best opponent has a particular card in his hand.
  • See the chance that a particular card will appear on the flop, the turn, and the river.

MagicHoldem has different modes for play money, real money and even tournaments!

When your trial runs out, you can get a FREE MagicHoldem lifetime license! 

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