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Steve's Home Poker Blog > Vegas Trip Report MGM, PH & Hooters

This trip was all about the MGM Grand. I wanted to stay there to play as much as possible in their juicy cash games. Unfortunately I got really unlucky :(

In my second session at MGM, I got all in pre flop with AA against KK, and kings came on the flop AND turn! What a bummer that was! Shortly after my flopped set was cracked by a flush and I was stuck about 150 big bets. This was tough to take and I was dreading that this would be my first losing Vegas trip.

In my last session at MGM, my KK was cracked by AK who went runner runner aces, and my QQ was cracked by runner runner flush. At this point I was stuck 180 BB's but I managed to make back 120 BB's before I left.

I played in another Planet Hollywood poker tournament. Boy was this a tough one! I made a great call on the flop about 1/2 way through the tourney after a guy put all his chips in when he was a 2 to 1 dog. Unfortunately he caught his flush and I was short stacked for the rest of the tourney. I managed to win the rest of my coin flips and I cashed in 8th out of 70 players, barely bursting the bubble!

Again I cannot recommend PH poker tournaments enough! They are the best "cheap" tournaments on the strip! Compare the PH tourney to the MGM tourney and: PH gives you more starting chips, more relaxed blinds, and no antes! Example: The 5th level of the $80 buy in tourneys blinds/antes are 400/800/100 at MGM, and 300/600/0 at PH. This is SO MUCH better for experienced players like us.

Well variance didn't kick my ass that hard. After 22 hours of cash games I managed to come out ahead with a profit of $425.

I also played at Hooters. The poker room there was low-rent...there was only one table! However, there was a donk there that I had played earlier at MGM who like to make big moves. He pushed me all in on the river for 50 BB's with air and I called him down with second pair and a queen kicker...he mucked and I raked in a big pot! Even though the poker room at Hooters was weak, I would probably stay there next time as it is right across the street from MGM, and the rooms are dirt cheap.

So now I've had 5 winning trips to Vegas and my mentality has shifted from "I'm going to lose next time" to "I can't lose in Vegas!"

We'll see...I hope to squeeze in one more trip this year.

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