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Steve's Home Poker Blog > Vegas Trip Report Ė Planet Hollywood

Get thisÖmy wife books a trip to Vegas with her friends and doesnít even ask me!!! WTF?? It was a last minute decisionÖbut she knows very well that I love the Vegas and any excuse to play some poker!

The girls booked Planet Hollywood, so I got myself a room there too. I stayed there a couple of years ago when it was the Aladdin (before I was playing poker competitively), and I really liked it because of its central location. Unfortunately we arrived around 11 PM and we got a smoking room that hadnít been renovated since the Aladdin. It was still OK though, and I didnít really care as I didnít plan on staying in it much.

The poker room was pretty nice. It was very close to the strip entrance to the casino which helps bring in the fish. There were 15 tables, but I only saw a few with auto shufflers. The dealers were very efficient with their shuffling. They usually had multiple 1/2 NL games going, and at least one 2/5 NL game. The one thing I didnít like was the fact that there was a Karaoke bar on the opposite side of one of the poker room walls. This started up in the evenings and went until late nightÖman was it annoying!

Other than our home poker games, I hadnít played live poker for over 6 months. I have been itching to take a shot at 2/5, but I decided I better stick with 1/2 NL until I get back into the swing of things.

My first session was late night and there were LOTS of fish - I couldnít spot any locals/pros at my table. Unfortunately I was card dead the majority of the time, and when I flopped the nut flush, buddy went runner runner to beat me with a full house. This was very disappointing as I played it perfectly Ė he even said after I mucked: "I thought you were on a draw."

The next morning I decided to play in the 10 AM tourney. The tournaments at Planet Hollywood are great! They are cheap, and you get a lot of chips compared to most cheap tournaments Iíve played in. The buy ins range for $60 - $80, starting blinds are 25/50, levels are 20 minutes long, and you start with 4500 in chips if you have a PH players card (which you can get right next door to the poker room). If you donít have the card you get 4000 chips to start. I played in 4 of these tourneys:

- Chopped for 3rd place out of ~60 players.
- Chopped for 2nd place out of ~70 players.
- Busted out 10th place out of ~50 players.
- Busted out 48th place out of ~70 players.

Obviously the last tourney was my worstÖI made a bad call early on and was crippled and in all in mode shortly after. I called because my opponent looked very uncomfortable but I guess he was acting. The problem I had with the call was that I knew I could only beat a bluff, I was calling off 1/3 of my stack, and I was only getting a little over 2:1 pot odds. If it was a cash game I would have felt better about it. I ended up busting out of this after I shoved all in with AQ and got called by JJ.

The other tourneys went well - I only got my money in bad once: I was chip leader with AcJc vs a short stackís AK off. I sucked out trip jacks and busted him.

Also while playing in the tournaments, I ran into Dave, Jamie, and Rob from the All In Calgary league. This was pretty cool. I was pimping my website to them and they said "we use this site!" What are the odds of meeting another group of guys using HPT in Vegas? Not too bad apparently! These guys have been sending their season champion to Vegas for the 1500 WSOP event. This year it was Jamie and unfortunately his QQ got cracked by K3. Tough luck :(

The rest of my 1/2 NL sessions went well and I managed to get out of there with a 5BB per hour profit. If my nut flush held in my first session it would have been about 15 BBís per hour.

Overall Vegas was good to me AGAIN! I left up about 1K. This is great, but does it mean a bad run is coming for my next trip?

- Vegas Trip #1 +900
- Vegas Trip #2 +900
- Vegas Trip #3 + 1000
- Vegas Trip #4 ????

I hope not because Iím going to take a shot at 2/5 NL next time!

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