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Steve's Home Poker Blog > Vegas Trip Report – Imperial Palace & Monte Carlo

I stayed at a couple of places in Vegas from June 11 – June 15. Here’s how it went down.

We checked in to the Imperial Palace on June 11. Our room was SOOOO ghetto!

- The live music coming from outside was super loud, and it goes until 3AM.
- None of the lights in our room worked.
- The shower drain was backed up.

My wife and I were sitting on our bed, in the dark, with our heads down. It was a sweet lower expectations moment.
Our friends were pretty upset with their room too (at least their lights worked), and we all decided to get rooms in another hotel (we tried to upgrade but got nothing from them).

After the wife went to bed I hit the poker room for some 1/2 NL. The poker room was ghetto too. There was only 7 tables that looked like they were built for a home game. The game was pretty fishy – I only spotted one person who may have been a local/pro. I played for 2.5 hours to get my AA cracked by some donkey who shoved the turn with a 7 outer.

The next morning we checked in to the Monte Carlo. We got poker room rates, and rooms on the 3rd floor from the top with desert views. After our night in the ghetto, it was like walking into a 5 star hotel. The poker room rate was great too – I saved about 250 over 4 nights and had to play 4 hours a day.

I really liked the Monte Carlo poker room. It only had 9 tables but it looked and felt classy. There was usually a few 1/2 NL tables going, but I didn’t see any 2/5 action. I played 4 sessions of 1/2 there (morning, afternoon, evening, and late night) and averaged about 16 BB’s an hour. There were more locals/pros here, but they were pretty easy to spot. They also offered tournaments and sit n go’s but I didn’t play any of these.

We went for lunch at the Pink Taco restaurant at the Hard Rock. I don’t recommend this place unless you want a mild version of Hep. A, and don’t mind spending the rest of your trip in your hotel room. I have never been so sick in my life!

If I didn’t get sick, I was going to take a shot at 2/5NL with a short buy in of 70BB’s. It was a real bummer, but I still made a profit of about $900 so I shouldn’t complain I guess.

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