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Steve's Home Poker Blog > River Rock Tourney Report

This was a 220 person $40+10 buy in tourney, and the 3rd live casino tournament I've played in.

The structure was the best I've played in: T2500, 25/25 starting blinds, and 20 minute levels.

I got no cards for the first 3 levels, I'm down to about $2000 in chips, and the blinds are going up to $75/$150 soon. Up until this point, I hadn't I put in a raise pre flop - I had just played the blinds when the odds were good, so my image was very tight.

- Table folds around to a tight player on my left who limped.
- I put in a $400 raise with J9s.
- Super aggressive player on the button called.
- Everyone else folds.
- Flop: QQ rag rainbow.
- I bet out 2/3 the pot and super aggressive guy goes all in.

Here's what I thought:

- This guy had been super aggressive with mediocre hands, for example, limping UTG and going all in with ATs, re-raising with JTs, and re-raising with mid level pairs.
- He made solid laydowns when his aggression wasn't working, re-raising the flop, and folding when people came over the top.
- Because of my table image, I had to believe this guy has some respect for me - I'm sitting on his right, and this is the first time I've come in for a raise.
- I fold and I'm down to about $1100 in chips.
- Super aggressive guy showed me a King. I think he was trying to put me on tilt, and I played it up a bit like I was tilting.

After that I stole the blinds a couple of times with AJ and AK and build my stack up to about $1500.

I doubled up with KK and my stack was $2500 at the break.

I get no cards for a while and continually fold.

Finally at 200/400 blinds, I'm in the BB with about 1800 left and JJ:

- Super aggressive guy limps UTG.
- New guy at the table raises to 1200. I have not info. on him, but he's got a decent sized stack and he could be raising with a wide range of hands.
- Everyone folds to me.
- I was suspicious of the limp UTG, but didn't think about it in detail. I thought if I've run into a bigger pair, it's just bad luck for me, and went all in.
- UTG thinks long and hard, calls and only has about $1600 in chips left after calling. At this point I knew I was in trouble as he was committing himself to the pot, but only calling (he must have a monster because he's giving the new guy pot odds to call).
- New guy at the table also calls.
- Flop 572 rainbow. Both players check.
- Turn K.
- UTG bets 800, and new guy calls. At this point I know I'm done.
- River A, UTG goes all in, new guy calls.
- I show my jacks, UTG shows pocket AA for trip aces, and new guy mucks (I put him on trips or an overpair).

I guess the big mistake was trying to steal with J9s. I was really relying on my table image to help me with this, but it didn't work. Going all in with JJ was a mistake too, but given my situation in the tourney, I couldn't see myself getting away from this hand.

I busted out about 135 of 220.

Any thoughts???

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