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Steve's Home Poker Blog > Boulevard Donkey Action!

Once again I had to cancel my home game because not enough of my friends were interested. Pack your bags boys, we're going on a guilt trip!!

Anyways, a couple of my friends and I went to Boulevard to play 1/2 no limit. One of my friends said it was a LOT fishier in the early AM, so we ended up playing later than usual - we played 7 hours instead of the usual 5 hours.

BTW, I HIGHLY recommend deciding on how long you are going to play poker before you sit down at the table.

I bought in for a total of $260 (initially 200, and topped up 60 more after my boat was cracked by quads), and I ended up cashing out $890 for a profit of $630 - my largest profit from a live cash session yet!

Highlight #1 - Big Donkey Hand:

- The button (loose aggressive), raises to $15.
- SB (tight aggressive) calls.
- BB (loose) calls.
- Flop K64 rainbow.
- SB bets $30, BB folds, button calls.
- Turn J, and it puts a flush draw on the board.
- SB bets $50, button rerraises all in.
- The pot is about $275 and the SB only has $70 left in chips.
- SB thinks for a while and calls.
- Button shows AK off for top pair top kicker.
- SB shows a pocket pair - 88.
- River 8.

What a horrible call and disgusting suckout! How much money do you think this donkey is going to lose in the long run??? Hopefully not much, because the donkey was ME!

So why would I make such a shitty call? Here are my reasons:

1. I had played with the button about a month ago, and I knew he was a loose aggressive player: I saw him make aggressive bluffs at pots and show down nothing, and I saw him call a lot of flop bets and fold to turn bets.

2. The last time I played with the button, he made a very loose call pre flop and got lucky. See highlight #2 here. This was just wrong on my part. I should NOT be playing revenge poker.

3. I was getting close to 4:1 on my money, and I thought there was a good chance he was making a move.

4. I stared him down trying to get a read on him, and he didn't look that strong. How strong is top pair top kicker when you're betting into a tight aggressive player like myself? Good acting on his part.

Here are the things I didn't consider:

1. In my experience, when you play loose aggressive players like this, they generally don't put all their chips in the pot when they are bluffing (although he did have me covered). When they are bluffing, they'll put in a reasonable sized bet, but when they're risking all of their chips they usually have something decent.

2. When he went all in, he knew very well that I was pretty much committed to call if I had anything like top pair because of the pot odds and his playing style. He played this hand perfectly.

3. There are two overcards to my 8 on the board...what can I really beat other than a bluff?

Well this is the first big suckout I've been on the good end of for 1/2 NL, so I'll take it.

Throughout the remainder of the night, I was able to confirm his loose aggressive play, and bluffs on a number of occasions:

- He put in a big bet on the river with 9 high, against my friend Tim (who made an awesome call BTW).
- He made another similar bluff on the river with garbage.
- He over played his top pairs with mediocre kickers a couple of times.

I also made an awesome lay-down against him when I had top pair, King kicker on the turn, and he had a boat..

This made me feel better about my donkey call earlier. Should I feel better about it??? It was just horrible!

I would REALLY appreciate some thoughts on this hand! Feel free to berate my play...

Highlight #2 - Steve vs. Tim:

Now here's some friendly poker:

- Tim put in a raise in early position.
- Folded to me and I re-raise with JJ in mid position.
- Folded back to Tim who stares me down and smooth calls.

At this point I knew I was beat, but fortunately for me we had agreed on checking our hands down to the river if we got involved in pots with each other. Tim had AA.

Highlight #3 - The worst beat I've GIVEN at live 1/2 NL:

- I raise to $15 in mid position with TsTd. Sometimes I'll limp with this hand, but I had been playing tighter than a...well lets just say pretty freaking tight!
- 2 callers behind me - both of them appeared to be donkeys as I had seen them call with crappy pot odds and show down their hands.
- Flop: Qd9d2s.
- I bet $50, donkey 1 folds, and the BB calls.
- Turn: Jd.
- BB bets $50.
- I think about it for a while. I'm getting 3:1, I have 3rd pair, and an open ended straight flush draw. I also consider that this guy had bet into me in a couple of earlier pots and seen me fold (he knows I'm tight), he may already have a flush as he's made calls with crappy odds (like I gave him on the flop), or he may be betting the flush draw.
- River Kd - I hit my King high straight flush!
- BB bets $100, he's only got $70 left (committed), so I go all in.
- He show's Ad7c and the nut flush.

What do you think of my call on the turn? I guess it was right because he was making a move.

Highlight #4 - The worst beat I've TAKEN at live 1/2 NL:

I won't go into all the details (this post is getting long), but my TTT99 was cracked by 9999.

Tim also took a simliar bad beat - his 44422 was cracked by quad 2's..

We both handled them well with the "that's poker" mentality.

Again, I'm happy with my play overall. I made a big mistake, but I've learned and hopefully I won't make it again.

After 37 hours of play, I'm averaging 16 BB's and $32 per hour. I wonder how much tougher the competition is at 3/6 NL...that would be $96 hour..

Considering I SWEAR BY BANKROLL MANAGEMENT, I won't be able to try that until I double my bankroll.

For the suck out with your 88.
I was there and I saw his face when you were staring him down because he looked away from you. This to me was hard to call as he knew he had the best hand but he looked away from you. So he did not want you to get a read on him, but then again perhaps he was trying to give you the impression of weakness so you would call.
On that hand there was some words exchanged, including Steve's "now we're even!" refering to the time they clashed before. Now that is not a "that's poker" attitude. I think playes like Phil Ivey and other have the right idea as to not show any emotion, even when you get a bad beat. I mean if you know that they have a %10 chance to win a hand you want them to call because 9 out of ten times you will walk away with a bigger pot. So if they get lucky so be it they will loose in the long run and you will win.
So don't get mad at the suckouts just don't say anything and take notes.

Posted by TimA on 2007-02-22 12:54:00

Ya we both handled that hand poorly - he berated my play, and I showed no understanding, even though I know very well how shitty suckouts like that make you feel, by saying "now we're even."

After I finished my session I appologized and told him "I feel your pain" (trying to let him know that I understood).

Posted by HomePokerTour on 2007-02-22 15:36:45

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