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Steve's Home Poker Blog > River Rock Tourney Report

Yesterday I bought into the Early Bird tournament at River Rock. This was a $20+5 buy in with about 100 players.

I played solid tight/aggressive poker and made it to the first break. Shortly after, I made one mistake that cost me the tourney:

-Blinds 400/800, 10 handed, I have about 3500 in chips.
-One limper in early position, she has me covered.
-Folded around to me, and I check A2 off suit in the BB.
-Flop: Q52 rainbow, 2000 in the pot.
-I bet 2000, limper re-raises me all in.
-I'm confident I have 5 outs twice (6 if I include a back door straight, and with 5:1 pot odds I am break even to call.
-I call, she has QJ, and her Q holds up.

I think my mistake here was betting the pot on the flop. If I had bet 1/2 the pot, I wouldn't have been committed, and I could have waited for another spot with 2500 in chips.

Or...maybe I should have just pushed with this hand. She did have me covered, but not by much (she had an average sized stack), so pushing her really puts the pressure on...would you gamble with QJ off suit?.

Do you like the break even call, would you have waited for a better spot with 1500 chips and a 400 SB to post next hand, or would you have pushed A2 pre flop?

I agree that the mistake was betting on the flop with bottom pair. I don't care how agressive you are it is just bad form. You did not include any info on the player. Yes you should have bet 1000 to test the waters, if she calls then you know whe proably has you beat.

Posted by TimA on 2007-02-05 13:28:50

I didn't have any info. on the other player as I was moved to another table after the break.

How do you feel about going all in pre flop...too aggressive? The more I think about it, the more I like it. Do you want to risk more than 1/2 your stack with QJ off suit?

Posted by HomePokerTour on 2007-02-05 15:50:42

2 things, there was very little chance that she was going to laydown that hand after the flop. (expecially if you check the bb)She probably should have pushed in pre-flop. But she went half her stack and leaving her chip stack with very little betting and manouvering power. And seeing you really only have one bet with your chip stack, i would have probably went all in pre-flop. Reason being, if she had a strong ace or pocket pair she probably would have went all-in pre flop. So i would have ventured my hand was probably best with an ace. (which it was). By going all in pre-flop, if she is a fairly tight player, you have 2 ways to win a much need pot. She either folds, or she gambles with most of her chips. Seems to me i like your chances that she folds. I think she was trying to get in the flop cheaply with a marginal holding. And was estatic to see a flop. And there was no way she was going to lay that hand down...and she shouldnt to a bb checker and short chip stack when she has top pair with a good kicker. Your best move was All-in preflop or fold the flop if you didnt nail an ace.

Posted by AA_HOLDEM on 2007-05-16 15:05:50

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