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Steve's Home Poker Blog > No Home Poker...More Boulevard

Last night went pretty well at the Boulevard. I bought in with $140, played for about 4 hours, and cashed out $470 for a profit of $330 and $84/hour. After 24 hours of play, I'm averaging 10BB's/hour.

I made one mistake that cost me $30. In this hand I slow played JJ on a low ragged flop, and the turn was an Ace. I was heads up and my opponent put in a small bet on the river. I reraised him 3x, and he called. Will somebody slap me??? Why did I do this? Well I think it was because my table image was SUPER tight, but I really didn't bet enough to put any presssure on him and make him think. I think I should have just let this go.

Other than that, I played the same tight/solid game I always play, and made a few moves at small pots (with success and failure).

This night was the first time I didn't have to make any tough decisions in big pots. It makes me think my play was mediocre. Here are a couple of highlights:

1. First Hand of the night.

-About 6 limpers total, me with Qs9s in late position.
-Flop comes Td3sJs.
-A guy in early position goes all in for $16.
-Folded around to me and I smooth call with 15-18 outs to try and get more money in the pot.
-Button calls, everyone else folds.
-Turn is an 8, and I put in a 1/2 pot bet, and the button folds.

I'm not sure if I like my smooth call on the flop in combination with a bet on the turn. I think I should have either raised the flop to isolate, or smooth called and checked the turn.

Thoughts Anyone???

2. Flopped a Boat!

-5 limpers, I limp on the button with 44.
- SB limps, BB raises to 6, everyone else calls and there's $48 in the pot.
-Flop: 4c6d6c.
-Everyone checks to me and I put in a 1/4 pot bet hoping that it looks like a weak steal.
-BB reraises to $50.
-BB is a guy who I have seen show down a lot of hands, with the best hand, when he puts in big bets/raises.
-I reraise him $100 more and he calls immediately.
-Turn is a 7c.
-I go all in and BB calls with Kc8c.

Looks like the BB was making a move on the flop, and he called my $100 reraise with about $150 in the pot - 2.5:1 odds with a flush draw and two over cards he must have been counting as outs too.

What do you all think about this hand?.

What about home poker??? January and February have been pretty busy for me...boarding in Whistler last weekend, boarding at Sun Peaks next week, concert, birthday dinners, etc.. I'm dying to host a home game so I can use my kick ass poker chips! Did I mention I have a poker chip problem?

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