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Steve's Home Poker Blog > Boulevard Results

Another tough night at the Boulevard :(

My bankroll is $2900, so I bought in with $140.

I made one mistake that cost me about $100. I had 2 pair on a paired board, and my opponent had a set. I had an opportunity to check the river but I bet it and ended up having to call the reraise. Live and learn.

Other than that, I dont' think I made any mistakes (please enlighten me if you think I did). Here are some highlights:

Highlight #1.

Made a tough all in bet on a low ragged board with QQ after I was reraised. I was confident he wasn't that strong, I was right. My opponent had JJ and I won and I had about $350 in chips.

Highlight #2.

Immediately after the above hand, I got AA and raised the same guy pre-flop. He was tilting a bit and called. Here's how it went down:

- Flop KQT rainbow.
- I bet close to the pot because there's a straight draw on board.
- Tilting guy calls.
- Turn card is puts a flush draw on the board, so I bet the pot.
- Tilting guy goes all in for about $40 more in a $250 pot and I am committed to call.
- He had J9 off suit and flopped a straight.

Highlight #3.

Made and REALLY good call on the flop:

- a raise to 7 in early position
- with 3 callers, I call on the button with AJ suited and 4:1 pot odds
- old asian guy raises the BB to 20
- everyone folds, I call 13 with about 4:1 odds.
- Flop comes AXX all spades
- old asian guy goes all in for about 60.
- I stare him down and he looks weak and I think he's on a flush draw
- I call with just over 2:1 pot odds and he shows KK with the nut flush draw plus 2 kings - 11 outs total.
- he turns the flush and rivers a king.
- With 11 outs after the flop, he was about a 41% favorite to hit on the turn or river. I am very happy with this call as my read on him was correct.

Highlight #4.

I limped in late position with 45 suited and great pot odds, and flopped trip 5's. I ended up heads up with the old asian guy. I guess I played the hand well because I managed to double up through him.

Highlight #5.

Other highlights include check raising with TPTK and having to fold to a reraise from a guy with a set, laying down KK after cont betting a flop with an Ace on board, stealing with cont bets, and calling down a guy trying to steal on the river when I had TP with 4 kicker.

If I didn't get unlucky I would have been up a couple hundred dollars, but now my ROI is down to 19%, and I have only made $10/hour over 20 hours at Boulevard.

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