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Steve's Home Poker Blog > Steve's Boulevard Results

Over the last few months I've been playing 1/2 No Limit Hold'em at the Boulevard in Coquitlam.

When I started, my bankroll was about $2600, so I've been buying in with 60-70 times the big blind (120-140).

With the exception of one stupid mistake (mucking the best hand cost me $60), I've managed to play solid poker the three times I've been there:

- The first time I played well and doubled my stack, but I ended up losing a good chunk of my profit when I was priced into calling drawing hands that missed.

- The second time, I played well but the fish continued to make bad calls against me and get lucky. This was pretty frustrating. I had brought 3 buy ins to play with, and at one point I was down to no money in my pocket and less than $100 in chips on the table. I managed to battle back to $180 so I only lost 50% of the money I brought.

- Finally there's last night's story. Again I played well, the fish kept calling, but they didn't get lucky! All of my hands held up and I won big - I bought in with $140 and cashed out $701!

Last night's win was very encouraging. I understand poker is a long-term game, but it is hard to play when you go on a long unlucky streak. It was nice to recoup my losses from the last time I played.

The competition at Boulevard is definately a mix of good and poor players. Once players have shown down a few hands, it is very easy to differentiate between the sharks and the fish.

Here's an example:

- I limp into a 5 handed pot with Kh 10h in mid position.
- Flop comes down Jh 2h Ac.
- BB bets $10.
- I call, and it folds around to the SB (now I have position) who calls too.
- Turn is a Qd.
- SB bets $25, BB folds, and I go all in (the SB only has about $50 left).
- SB calls with 2 pair and doesn't hit his boat.

IMO, the small blind's play his horrible! On a 5 handed flop with a flush and straight draw on board, you must protect your top pair. His actions here tell me that he is not a "student" of the game. I've seen the same guy at the tables every time I've played at Boulevard, so the fish are definately out there, and they keep coming back.

To summarize my progress at Boulevard, I've played about 15 hours of poker, made about $30/hour, and my ROI is 66%.

Good times...hopefully I can keep it up.

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